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Vegetarian Recipes & Wine Pairings

Our easy gourmet Vegetarian Recipes each include two wine pairings, an affordable 'Steal' and a pricier 'Splurge'. Whether you want a meatless recipe for pasta, rice or soup, a recipe for two or for entertaining, for the grill, to bake in the oven or cook on the stovetop - our Vegetarian Recipe collection features a variety of food and wine pairing choices.

Vegetarian Recipes and Wine Pairings - Easy Gourmet Meatless Recipes

Butternut Squash Ravioli
with brown butter sage sauce

Roasting the squash, toasting the walnuts and browning the butter for the sauce all brings out deep yet subtle flavors.

Go to:  Butternut Squash Ravioli Recipe

Butternut Squash Ravioli Recipe and Wine Pairing


Curried Cauliflower
with chickpeas & potatoes

A healthy mix of cauliflower, chickpeas and potatoes is flavored by a complex, layered yellow curry in this dish.

Go to:   Curried Cauliflower Recipe

Curried Cauliflower Recipe


Porcini Mushroom Risotto
with fresh asparagus

Using a stock that is flavored with the primary ingredient - porcini mushrooms - deepens and itensifies the risotto's flavors.

Go to:   Porcini Mushroom Risotto Recipe

Porcini Asparagus Risotto


Pesto Pasta Primavera
with squash, red pepper & olives

'Primavera' is Italian for Spring, and this pasta features fresh Spring ingredients including basil pesto, yellow squash, and red pepper.

Go to:   Pesto Pasta Primavera Recipe

Pesto Pasta Primavera Recipe


Creamy Potato Soup
with cheddar & leeks

Creamy potato soup is a satisfying and tasty dish. In this version, leeks add a subtle flavor and cheddar cheese a touch of tang.

Go to:   Potato Leek Soup Recipe

Cheddar Potato Leek Soup Recipe and Wine Pairing


Soupe au Pistou
vegetable soup with french pesto

French pistou (like Italian pesto but without the pine nuts) serves as a flavorful garnish for a fresh summer vegetable soup.

Go to:   Soupe au Pistou Recipe

Soupe au Pistou Recipe



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