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Pork Recipes & Wine Pairings

Our easy gourmet Pork Recipes each include two wine pairings, an affordable 'Steal' and a pricier 'Splurge'. Whether you want a recipe for pork tenderloin, pork sausage, ribs or another cut, a recipe for two or for entertaining, for the grill or to bake in the oven - our Pork Recipe collection features a variety of food and wine pairing choices.

Pork Recipes and Wine Pairings

Chouri├žo Sausage Pizza
with green peppers & onion

Homemade pizza, made with fresh light whole wheat bread dough, is a tasty base for lots of wine-friendly toppings.

Go to:  Chouri├žo Sausage Pizza Recipe

Homemade Chourico Sausage Pizza Recipe & Wine Pairing


Creamy Potato Soup
with cheddar, leeks & bacon

Creamy potato soup is a satisfying and tasty dish. In this version, leeks add a subtle flavor and cheddar cheese a touch of tang.

Go to:  Potato Bacon Soup Recipe

Potato Bacon Soup Recipe and Wine Pairing


Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs
with spicy jalapeno & peanut marinade

This recipe is a mix of influences - a bit of Mexican flair with jalapenos and lime, combined with Thai-style peanuts and garlic.

Go to:   Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs Recipe

Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs Recipe and Wine Pairing


Honey-Mustard Pork Tenderloin
with collard greens & chive mashed potatoes

This recipe is a playful, upscale take on classic barbeque: delicately marinated pork, paired with creamy chive mashed potatoes and collard greens.

Go to:   Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Honey-Mustard Pork Tenderloin Recipe and Wine Pairing


Easter Ham Dinner
smoked pork shoulder & scalloped potatoes

More flavorful and juicy than traditional ham, our Smoked Shoulder recipe is served with a cherry-pineapple sauce and creamy scalloped potatoes.

Go to:   Easter Ham Dinner Recipe

Smoked Shoulder Ham Recipe


Pork Chops & Pomegranate Sauce
with roasted pancetta brussel sprouts

Dress up pan-fried pork chops with a bright pomegranate sauce, and served with roasted pancetta brussel sprouts.

Go to:  Pork Chops Recipe

Pork Chops & Pomegranate Sauce


Pork Potstickers
with ginger-scallion sauce

Ginger, scallion and Chinese 5-spice give these pork potstickers an exotic flavor profile. Makes an easy appetizer or light weeknight meal.

Go to:  Pork Potsticker Recipe

Pork Potsticker Recipe




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